Modifying Fixed trips

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Modifying Fixed trips


In Calendar View

In Calendar view, double-click the day you want to modify.

In List View

In List view, click on the day you wish to edit.
mileage trips list

If you would also like to record trips from other clients, you can click the button to open a new line below the previous one and select the appropriate client from the list.

If you would like to add a client / location that is not already on your client list, you can do so by starting to type the new client / location. Then click on the “Add a new Client / Location” option. In the new window that pops up, the address information that you typed in earlier will be filled in and searched for on the map automatically so you don’t have to type the address again.

The button allows you to insert a new row below or above an existing one in the list, and you can even rearrange the order of existing ones with the  button. You can delete a row by clicking the  icon.

You can also change the Purpose of the trip. By clicking on this field (or proceeding with the tab key) you can choose another one or even add a new one! If you select a personal trip purpose, you can also see this separately in the checkbox. Pay attention, this will determine whether the program considers this visit a business or personal trip when visiting (and leaving) a given point!

Refueling / charging as a trip purpose is neutral. This means that if you record refueling / charging for a given day, the type of trip will adjust according to the trip purposes before and after the refueling / charging. If both before and after trips are business trips the refueling / charging will be a business trip, and if either the before and after trips are personal trips, the refueling / charging will be listed as a personal trip. (According to the law, starting your trip at a personal client and arriving at a personal client must always be considered a personal trip.)

Once you have completed each visit, click Save!
You can also choose to select a new day by clicking here and choosing the desired date. Then red dots in the calendar will indicate the days on which a trip was recorded.

Or use the button to go to the previous day or the button to go to the next day. Use the and buttons to move directly between days to which a trip has already been recorded (within the current month only).

When doing so the entered data will be saved automatically, you do not need to click the Save button!

By clicking on the date of the day a calendar will pop up, in which red circles with numbers in them will indicate for which day and how many trips have already been recorded.

In the Trips menu you have the option to update and reload your previously set but later modified recurring daily trips. This can be useful if you set up your recurring daily trips later than adding your trips or refuelings / chargings in that month, or if you changed your recurring daily trips in the meantime.

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