Useful mileage log tool for real estate agents

December 12, 2019

Working mobile or managing mobile workforces are more and more frequent in modern days.

Whether you are a digital nomad, staying in different countries from month to month, or a real estate agent going to several different locations in just one day, there’s something you should never forget to record.

And that is mileage.

Mileage tracker for real estate agents

Let’s take a quick look at the following example: Annual business mileage for a Realtor can add up to 3,000 – 10,000 miles a year. This means a tax deduction of $4000-12,000 on average.

The better your business is doing, the busier you’ll be. And recording your miles in a paper mileage logbook is time-consuming. Not to mention if you forgot to log a trip… You either have to insert it into a previous day, by shoving it in between two already-recorded trips or you have to start a new book, to create a fair copy with clean lines and clear data in it. Otherwise, the IRS will think you’ve been tampering with the information it contains.

Luckily we’re not in the Stone Age anymore.

When it comes to mileage, choose the automatic trip tracking with the MileageWise mileage tracker app, to completely automatize the process.

If you forgot to log a trip you can retrospectively edit or even create mileage logs. And you can go back for months or years even!

If you can’t even remember what trips you have to insert, choose our AI Wizard feature which gives you a recommendation for your forgotten trips based on your already existing data (monthly driven distance, odometer readings, refuelings, client list, holidays, recurring daily trips settings, etc.).

The AI Wizard feature also takes into account your past customer visits. So you can plan your optimized business client visits for the next month too. For example, by setting a budget or a mileage limit!

If you’re ahead of an IRS Audit, choose MileageWise, since before we let you print out your mileage log, the Built-In IRS Auditor checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts, to make sure it’s IRS-proof, meeting every expectation!

And if you’re still worried that you can’t keep track of your mileage, outsource it to our experts. They will be more than happy to help!

If you already use another mileage tracker app, you can import your already logged trips to MileageWise. We will surely handle them smarter by monitoring 70 logical conflicts.

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