Rideshare Drivers’ Mileage Log

As a rideshare driver, the biggest deduction you can claim is on your mileage. Therefore, it is crucial to have an accurate mileage log, which shows exactly how many miles you drove for work.

It is the base of your income and also of your tax deduction.

If you work for multiple providers of platforms (Uber/Lyft or other) there’s a chance you will be left with fragmented mileage logs. You have to edit them later on your computer to get a coherent IRS-compliant document, meaning you have to correct duplication, incompatibility, logical collisions, and more. We’re talking about hours and hours of work if not days.

If you have just one ridesharing app, there’s still a possibility that there will be gaps, incorrectly saved trips, or completely missed ones in the final document.

MileageWise offers a solution for all of these!

You can log your mileage with our app simultaneously with the other apps you use, or you can import your already existing (possibly gappy) mileage logs into our web dashboard, where our AdWise feature gives you an automatic recommendation for the missing trips. In the process, we check 70 logical conflicts for you so your final MileageWise mileage log will be flawless and IRS-proof, meeting every expectation!

Creating your log this way even retrospectively only takes 7 minutes a month!

How your ideal mileage log software should look like:

  • Nice and logical interface to guide you through the tasks, you don’t need to understand the underlying rules or the operation
  • Equipped with a web dashboard, available anywhere, on any device
  • Passing any IRS Audit
  • Excel import option for your partners/trips/refuelings
  • Recurring daily trips option for recording your usual trips in advance
  • With an additional Android and iPhone mileage tracker app
  • With an intelligent AdWise feature for forgotten trips
  • Quick recording of any forgotten trips
  • With an algorithm monitoring over 70 different logical conflicts
  • Automatically paying attention to compliance with the laws of the period
  • With constant development and continuous software updates
  • Expert customer service available on weekends too – answering the phone immediately during office hours!
  • The service is delivered by a company with 15+ years of experience, on this field exclusively

MileageWise is like that! 🙂

Moreover, if the web dashboard and app is not enough, save your time and have our experts prepare your recommended IRS-proof mileage log, which we pass onto you every month and can even be done retrospectively.

Mileage Tracker App Record your trips, refuelings, and end-of-month odometer readings with the iPhone and Android mileage tracker app! You can edit them later on the web dashboard. More about the app
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