Recording a refueling in a foreign currency when abroad

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Note: Adding a refueling / charging is only necessary when using the Actual Expense Method. In case of using the Standard Mileage Rate, you only need to log your arrival at the gas / charging station (the trip itself), as you would with any other client / location.

When refueling / charging abroad, the question arises, what amount of gas should be included in the mileage log?

When paying with foreign currency for a refueling / charging, we recommend converting the amount paid to USD at the given daily average exchange rate.

You can also choose to enter that you payed 0 USD for the refueling / charging. Your Accountant can later calculate your accumulated fuel expenses based on your refueling / charging receipts anyway. The amount of refueling / charging on the mileage log is for information purposes only.

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