Free vehicle exchange

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In the case of a free vehicle exchange, the first step is to completely finish the previous vehicle’s data entry and mileage logs. Make all the necessary mileage logs, save them, print them and, if necessary, give them to your accountant for a post-check, because after the vehicle exchange takes place, you will no longer be able to change the mileage logs related to the old vehicle.

After tying up loose ends with the previous vehicle, enter the details of the new vehicle. Related help article about how to add a new vehicle!

If necessary, Copy over the settings of the previous vehicle to the new one in the Vehicle-client pairing menu!

The final step is deleting the previous vehicle from the database in the Basic data / Vehicles menu. You can find help here.

You can then start recording data for the new vehicle, starting with the first trip mileage log in the Monthly trips menu. You will be able to create the new vehicle’s mileage logs as easily as you did for the previous vehicle.

Check our tutorial video on the Basic Data menu:

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