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How do I delete AI Wizard trips?

In the Trips menu, you have the option of deleting all the occasional trips that were created by the AI Wizard feature. In the Trips menu, from the Useful tools menu in the upper corner, select Leave fixed trips only. Tutorial video about The AI Wizard:

How can I use the AI Wizard feature during holidays?

If you want to set an AI Wizard for your holidays as well, set the holiday or travel period to a day off. Then select "Personal trip only for days off" when setting the AI Wizard feature. It is important to have a personal client nearby! So this method works mainly for destinations in the…

Setting the AI Wizard feature

Setting up the AI Wizard feature With the AI Wizard feature, you can set a few parameters to reach your desired mileage and / or business-personal trip ratio. Based on your set parameters the AI Wizard feature will create a mileage log draft that you can review, correct, or accept right away if it fits…

Deleting occasional trips when setting the AI Wizard feature

If you have already initiated an AI Wizard process or pushed the "Leave fixed trips only" button in the Useful tools menu, you will receive the following message.   If you would like to include the previously added occasional trips in your mileage log, click the Cancel button. Tutorial video about The AI Wizard:

Checking fixed trips when refueling / charging

Note: Adding a refueling / charging is only necessary when using the Actual Expense Method. In the case of using the Standard Mileage Rate, you only need to log your arrival at the gas / charging station (the trip itself), as you would with any other client / location. "What does it mean when I…