According to the program, the end-of-day and the next days’ first trips do not match, even though the partners have the same name

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“The check before the printing of the IRS-proof mileage log says that the end-of-day and the next days’ first trips do not match. But the partner names are the same!”

If there are multiple points in a given address saved by the user under the same name, the software will identify them separately. Each recorded point has a separate identifier in the background, the automatism monitors whether these identifiers match or not.

Eg: if you add the same-named ABC Ltd. to the system at the same address twice, but you do not select the correct one in sequential order (ie first the top one in the list, then the bottom one in the list), the same printing restriction will occur. You will only be allowed to print out the PDF if the endpoint of the previous day is the same as the starting point of the next day. It is not enough that the name/address match, they have to be the exact same point on the map.

In order to avoid a similar problem in the future, it is worth reviewing the list of Headquarters / branches and Partners in the Basic data menu, and deleting unnecessary points that have been added more than once.

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