Get A Reimbursment On Your Business Mileage

Need to get reimbursed or you’re in charge of creating an IRS-compliant reimbursement plan?

Whether you are an employee or an employer you’ll need a trustworthy mileage log web dashboard and app!

For Employees

As an employee, by using MileageWise you can be sure your mileage log will be IRS-proof, meeting every expectation!

Using MileageWise is easy: just track your trips on the go with a mileage tracker app and/or use our web dashboard on your computer – and at the end of the month you will get an automatic recommendation from the software for your forgotten trips with our AdWise feature! It only takes 7 minutes a month and you can deduct all your business mileage.

For Employers

Stay accountable as an employer by providing a solution for your team! MileageWise creates IRS-proof mileage logs, takes 7 minutes to manage a month, and creates easily insertable outputs into your company’s reimbursement plan.

On top of making your team’s life easy, you can reimburse your employees for their business mileage without investing in a company fleet. This way the reimbursement you paid for your employees is tax-deductible as a business expense. Besides, this can be a more profitable way of compensating your employees too, tax-wise.

But the best thing in MileageWise is that it’s so easy to handle, that you don’t have to worry about your employees not keeping their mileage logs up-to-date. It tracks trips automatically and if for some reason your employees forgot to log their miles through a specific period of time, there’s an option for making up for the deficiency with the help of our AdWise feature. Finalizing a monthly mileage log with this accuracy and efficiency in just 7 minutes is exceptional!

How your ideal mileage log software should look like:

  • Nice and logical interface to guide you through the tasks. You don’t need to understand the underlying rules or the operation
  • Equipped with a web dashboard, available anywhere, on any device
  • Passing any IRS Audit
  • Excel import option for your partners/trips/refuelings
  • Recurring daily trips option for recording your usual trips in advance
  • With an additional Android and iPhone mileage tracker app
  • With an intelligent AdWise feature for forgotten trips
  • Quick recording of any forgotten trips
  • With an algorithm monitoring over 70 different logical conflicts
  • Automatically paying attention to compliance with the laws of the period
  • With constant development and continuous software updates
  • Expert customer service available on weekends too – answering the phone immediately during office hours!
  • The service is delivered by a company with 15+ years of experience, on this field exclusively

MileageWise is like that! 🙂 Moreover, if the web dashboard and app is not enough, save your time and have our experts prepare your recommended IRS-proof mileage log, which we pass onto you every month and can even be done retrospectively.

Mileage Tracker App Record your trips, refuelings, and end-of-month odometer readings with the iPhone and Android mileage tracker app! You can edit them later on the web dashboard. More about the app
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