IRS Standpoint on Mileage Log Software Packages

It is clear from the below IRS statement that mileage logging/tracking software solutions do not need to be tested, and only those mileage logs will meet the requirements that are containing the mandatory content elements!

According to this, MileageWise complies with the legal requirements constituted by the IRS, we guarantee it!

Official statement of the IRS on electronic storage systems and computer software packages (e.g. mileage logs).

Publication 463:

If you deduct travel, gift, or transportation expenses, you must be able to prove (substantiate) certain elements of expense.

You must keep records that show details of the following elements: 

For car expenses, the cost of the car and any improvements, the date you started using it for business, the mileage for each business use, and the total miles for the year. Date of the expense. For car expenses, the date of the use of the car. Your business destination. The business purpose for the expense.

According to the IRS, your mileage log must include a record of:

  • your total mileage driven in the tax year for business, commuting, and personal driving other than commuting
  • first and last odometer readings of the year (recommended recording them monthly)
  • the dates of your business trips
  • locations you drove for business
  • your starting point and your destination
  • the business purposes for your trips
  • the ratio of your business and personal trips
  • tolls or other trip-related costs
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