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Are your mileage logs IRS-proof?

Do the Trips in your Mileage logs match the Data available to the IRS? The IRS can request ALL of your Business Data: Refueling receipts, Business Expense reports, Odometer readings recorded at the Mechanic or during Vehicle Safety Inspections, Traffic cams, Tolls, etc. It’s easy to make Mistakes in a “Homemade” Mileage Log.

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The Devil is In The Details

The Contradictions mentioned above are easily spotted by even beginner IRS Auditors. What would happen in the case of a thorough Investigation? Handing in Mileage logs with Contradictions can result in a Fine worth 50% of your Yearly Income!

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Just give us your already-made Mileage Logs and our Mileage Log Experts will check them with the help of our Software which checks 70 Logical Conflicts. They will provide you with Feedback on whether your Mileage Logs are IRS-Proof or not.

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