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Besides recording your Starting odometer reading, your End-of-month odometer reading, or your odometer reading recorded at your refueling / charging, there is also an option to record your odometer reading in connection to your fixed trips. For example, you can record your odometer reading recorded at your last visit to the Mechanic. You can record odometer readings for fixed trips recorded in the mobile app or for imported fixed trips as well.

In List view or Calendar view double-click on the day you want to edit, and in Day view click on the    icon at the end of the row.

In the pop-up window, type in the odometer reading you would like to add, and then click on the Save button!

The system will check the entered odometer reading to ensure that it corresponds to the previously recorded odometer readings, if it does not, the following warning message will appear.

The recorded odometer reading will appear in Day view at the beginning of the row. To finalize the recorded data press the Save button.

You can modify or delete the recorded odometer reading by clicking on the icon. To save the modification click on the Modify button and to save the deletion click on the button.

The recorded odometer readings will appear in the Details tab of the End-of-odometer reading menu.

You can also see the recorded odometer reading if you click on the Useful tools button and then click on the Refueling / Charging section button.

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