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In Calendar View

In Calendar view, you can see the days you have previously recorded a refueling / charging on the Refueling / charging page and visits on the Fixed trips / Mobile app page.
At the top, you can read the total number of miles you have recorded so far and the current ratio of your business / personal trips.
The deductible distance is the difference between the starting and closing odometer readings for the month. Try to match these two perfectly, so that al the miles are used up and accounted for (in the brackets you can see how many miles are missing or how much more you have recorded than you should’ve).

Double-click on the day for which you want to record another trip in addition to the previously recorded Fixed trips, Refuelings / Chargings!

In List View

If this view is more convenient for you, in the Calendar view in the top summary row, in the Useful tools menu click on the button and switch to the List view!

You can see for which days you previously recorded a refueling / charging on the Refueling / Charging page. You can see your visits on the Fixed trips / Mobile app page.
At the top, you can read the total number of miles you have recorded. This is based on the distance you have entered so far (you can also see the distances covered for each day) and the current ratio of your business / personal trips.
The deductible distance is the difference between the starting and closing odometer readings of the month.

So you need to strive for these two values to match perfectly. This way your vehicle’s full monthly mileage will be covered. (You can see in the brackets how much is missing or how much you may have exceeded.)

Adding a new trip in List view

Click on the  icon in front of the day for which you want to record an additional trip besides the previously recorded fixed trips and refuelings / chargings!

Click on the option on the left side of the detail window or use the keyboard shortcut (ctrl+alt+n).

The point set in the Default daily departure / arrival field in the Vehicles menu is automatically filled in as both the first and last trip of a day. If the day before your last destination was not the Default destination point, your starting point for your next day will be the last recorded point from the day before.

Select the partner you would like to add to your visits from the drop-down menu. You can also add a new partner with the (Add a new partner) option. 

In the drop-down list besides showing the name and address of the partner, the system will also calculate how many miles will be added to the total miles of that day by recording said trip. This is particularly important when working on the Additions at the end of the month. 

To narrow down the list of results start typing the name of the partner or the address. You can also type in the distance you are missing from your mileage log, and it will narrow down the partners with that required distance e.g. 5 Mi. This is also referred to as Distance Data.

This will now be added to your Partner visit list. You will be able to see the calculated distance and also the assigned Purpose of the Trip. When clicking in the Purpose of the trip field ( or by clicking the Tab button ) you are able to change or even add a new trip purpose. If you have assigned a Personal trip purpose, you can see that separately in the brackets. Pay close attention to what is indicated in the checkbox ( personal or business trip purpose), since this will determine what the trip will be qualified as. 

Refueling / charging as a travel destination is neutral.

This means that if you record a refueling / charging for a given day, the type of trip will change according to your destinations before and after the refueling / charging. If both before and after are trips with business purposes the refueling / charging will be listed as a business trip, and if either before and after the trip was to a personal destination, the refueling / charging will be listed as a personal trip. (By law, starting from a personal partner and arriving at a personal partner must always be considered a personal trip.)

If you have taken a completely different route than what our system calculated, you can override the distance if necessary by clicking on the appropriate field.If you would also like to record visits by additional partners, you can click the  button (or move forward with the tab key) to open a new line under the previous line and select the appropriate partner.

By clicking on the  button you can insert a new row below or above an existing one in the list, and you can rearrange the order with by clicking on the  button. You can delete a row by clicking the  icon.

We will always update the distance data of the partners to each other immediately.

You also have the option to insert additional trips for days on which you have previously recorded trips or refuelings / chargings already.

In this case, the Fixed trips / Mobile app trips and refuelings / chargings are grayed out, you can not change them. Here you can add new trips and refuelings / chargings, and you can change the order and the distance manually if needed.

Once you have made all the changes that you wanted to make, click Save.
You can also select a new day directly by using the calendar here, or by clicking on the  button to go to the previous day or the  button to go to the next day! In this case, the entered data will be saved automatically, you do not need to click the Save button!

In the summary at the bottom of the page, you can keep track of the distance covered for the whole month or the refueling / charging section. As well as all the daily trips and the current ratio of business / personal trips.

Refueling / charging sections

The first refueling / charging section is the difference between the starting odometer reading and the odometer reading specified at the first refueling / charging. The middle sections are the differences in the odometer readings from refuelings / chargings to refuelings / chargings. The last section is the difference between the closing odometer reading at the last refueling / charging and the last odometer reading of the given month.

Data for all refueling / charging sections for the day are displayed. Including the section that ended with a refueling / charging and the post-refueling / charging section on the day of refueling / charging. This new display will help you find any discrepancies in refueling / charging sections more easily. If you move the cursor to each line, the trips belonging to the given refueling / charging section will be highlighted. Moreover, we indicate with an inscription from which partner the refueling / charging section lasts for the day to which partner.

Graphical display of refueling / charging sections helps you to easily find and correct any discrepancies.

In Calendar View

Click the Refueling / Charging sections in the Useful tools menu.

In List View

In the list view, click the Refueling / Charging sections in the Useful tools menu.

In the window that opens, you can see the differences between the current monthly refueling / charging sections and the mileage of monthly trips.

By clicking on each refueling / charging section the program will jump to the start date of the refueling / charging section. There you can change your trips based on the above. Read more on using the Refueling / charging section tool and the most common use case scenarios here.

In the figure below you can see the distance recorded so far / in the month and the position of the odometer based on the recorded trips. Based on this you can also check the position of the odometer during the month.

When entering the data, make sure that the added and deductible distances are the same before printing the mileage log! You can achieve this by adding additional visits. Or in the event of a small discrepancy, by manually changing the distances calculated by the program. You can also use the monthly distance correction function. You can start this from the menu that opens on the right side of the top summary. Or from the window that opens the Differences between refueling / charging sections and miles of monthly trips.

If we are unable to perform the distance correction, you can open the Refueling / Charging sections window directly from the pop-up message to see where the distance difference is too great.

If there is a match everywhere in the refueling / charging sections, the added and deductible distance will match throughout the month. You are done!

Note that when using the AdWise feature, only Fixed trips will stay in the finished mileage log. Occasional trips (added later) will be deleted or overwritten.

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