For every problem, there’s a solution – in the mileage log market too

August 12, 2019

Always wanting better and faster-working tools is part of human nature. We progress, move forward, and grow.

The mileage log market is no different. All the participants are trying to find better, faster, more agile solutions for existing problems.

Mileage tracker apps promise to automatically track your mileage for example. It is a solution for the slow and manual habit of recording your trips into a mileage logbook.

A paper mileage logbook can be lost, damaged, or destroyed. Not too handy when you have to keep all your logs for 5 years after the current tax year. 

Have you ever encountered a problem with GPS based apps nonetheless, not tracking your mileage for instance? Maybe it’s a glitch, maybe your phone set up changed, you never know. 

Smarter mileage log with MileageWise

The MileageWise web dashboard and app by working together offers you a partner from an already existing database and the reason for the trip when you arrive at your destination. It doesn’t use GPS tracking continuously and a built-in distance calculating solution calculates the door-to-door distances between the starting point of your trip and your destination with 100 feet accuracy. 

It also solves the problem of your draining battery.

Not constantly using your phone’s GPS means longer battery life.

And then there was the problem of forgotten drives and mileage. At the end of the month seeing a deficit between your odometer reading and your logged trips can try anybody’s patience. 

With the AdWise feature, when using MileageWise if you give us a few parameters, like the basis for your payoff (your end-month odometer reading or the business miles you want to deduct), the daily maximum amount of driveable trips or distance we can make you a recommended, personalized mileage log, which will correspond to the exact mileage you have driven according to your odometer, even retrospectively. In the process the Built-In IRS Auditor checks and corrects 70 logical conflicts with a smart algorithm, so your mileage log will be IRS-proof without a doubt. 

No more faulty or unreliable log. Your log will meet the expectations.

Even in the mileage log market, there’s always room for improvement, you see.

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