Customer Feedback


I haven't come across an app like this. Any other application that I've had experience with in the past produced more work for me, and took up all my time. None were as easy to use as MileageWise is. It is thorough, flexible, you rarely have a task that cannot be done by the touch of a button. I like it, it only takes a few seconds in the evenings to record the daily itinerary and I don't spend more than 15 minutes at the end of the month with the finishing touches. I would recommend it, go for it!

Michael Srouji
A.G. Lightpoint LLC

I've been an enterpreneur for 20 years and all the time I spent on recording miles till 2011, until I purchased MileageWise, I could have spent it on focusing on my business and generating more revenue, and then the 2009 financial crisis wouldn’t have affected the business as much as it did. I've been looking for a mileage log software and app such as this for 18 years!

David Nguyen
Kopico Inc.

It takes a few minutes per week to record trips and refuelings. At the end of the month, I don't even need 7 minutes to finish my mileage log. The mileage log which my accountant needs as documentation for my tax return forms for my leased car. It's easy, it's accurate, even my accountant approves!

Robert Pruitt

You can quickly learn how to use the program, it's easy to use and to customize. Once someone uploads their partners to the database, it will take two minutes, not two weeks like it did before, to complete a mileage log. I didn't even have to ask my son to show me how to use it because I could figure everything out on my own. I caught up on my past mileage log in about 3-4 hours, this time included learning the program and uploading my partners as well. The only thing my accountant said: Perfect.

Julia Alessandrini
Blue Light Industrial Inc.

I work as a private GP. It is very easy to use the mileage log web dashboard and the app. You can make your mileage log in just a few minutes. If I run into any problems, I can just call up customer service, and they always available and willing to help. It's a great value for my money. I can only recommend it to everyone.

Benjamin Davidson M.D.

Up until now, I have recorded every mile I have traveled on a given day in a mileage logbook. So far I have been using Excel spreadsheets, and now I started to record my miles on MileageWise as well. Using the app to record and the dashboard to complete my logs. This has reduced the time I spend with all this to about 15 seconds a day.

Miriam Beaudet
Ecorex Gs LLC

Very good mileage log dashboard and app! Before I bought it, I was thinking a lot about whether I needed one at all or if an Excel sheet would do it. I longer thinking about if I should extend my MileageWise subscription! It's an automatic yes.

Nina Pendevska
HardVR Inc.

My company uses MileageWise for our company car in connection to an open-ended lease. It has been a positive experience right from the start. We could begin using the program right away with all the features in it during the free trial period. Customer service is great when it comes to helping, even with the smallest questions. This made learning the use as easy as possible. Since then, the continuous traceability and accuracy of the accounting-related data we could get out of using MileageWise, as well as swiftly rectifying any errors that the program may have, has proven that we chose the right product!

Howard L. Johnson
Agrotrain LLC

An actual customer-focused and well-prepared customer service. I even got help over the weekend (not a self-promoting call center with an automatic menu). Not to mention that the product is great as well.

James Turley LLD

As a Managing Director, I always look for the best products and services for my company and I am fully satisfied with both the dashboard + app and the customer service of MileageWise. We keep mileage logs for 2 cars. We can legally claim a $665 tax deduction every month. The program is logical, after uploading the partner database you can make mileage logs in very little time. I recommend both the company and their product. In the event of a problem or a glitch, they solve it within a short amount of time, even if the problem occurs over the weekend. One time we even managed to solve an issue from the middle of the Red Sea, where I was sailing at the time. This is what I call Customer Service. Fast, professional, and friendly.

Rick Acosta M.D.
Executive Medical Director

Our company has undergone an IRS Audit since buying the dashboard and app. An audit where they specifically required mileage logs. We passed without fines or penalties. MileageWise helped us have IRS-proof mileage logs that we could easily hand over during our audit without any issues. This software is really IRS-proof!

Manjula Singh
Starch-K Inc.

I can hardly believe myself, but I am clicking through MileageWise with ease. I love the interface: it is logical, transparent, simple, super. There is no other phrase more precise: It is simply super!

Darnell Williams
Coral Air Inc.

Customer Service was quick, responsive, and on target resolving my issue in an instant. Could not be happier.

Kirk Smith
Modern Tactical Services

A well-conceived program to keep the overburdened and unorganized out of trouble. This expertise is particularly exceptional because of the outstanding technical support and handholding by Carina.

Robert Vinson
Founder & CEO
Vinson Real Estate Group