Corporate Social Responsibility

The right preparation of an IRS-proof mileage log requires constant development. Same as the operation of a business would.

I want our clients (and our followers) to be as competitive as possible. Making their operations effective is the first step on the road!

That is the reason why I run a business vlog

In my videos, I talk about business and entrepreneurship. I always end the videos with a conclusion, of course. I do this in a thought-provoking way, to ensure that the viewer understands my argument. I share management tips so that viewers can master thinking in systems.

Besides my business vlog, I also wrote a book called Revenue dictates the rules, which is about business management. This contains about 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and my well-tried tips for creating a work-life balance. If you are curious to learn about the best techniques, and if you like keeping everything tidy and think that meticulous implementation are important, then this book is for you!

Visit the book’s Facebook site!


Business video blog and book

May your business flourish!

Best regards,

Akos Barazsy

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